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Betsy DeVos is the current Secretary of Education thanks to her list of credentials that are more anemic than a GI bleeder with a hemoglobin of zero. A believer that it is about quantity not quality, DeVos plans to reverse all of the recommendations of the Flexner Report, a pivotal study of the North American education system published by Abraham Flexner in 1910 that stated medical schools should have higher admission and graduation standards while staying both science- and evidence-based, by increasing the number of charter nursing and medical schools. Currently, there are 170 accredited medical schools and 1,900 accredited nursing schools in the U.S. but DeVos would like to increase the magic number to 1,000,000 for each. "She's like the queen bee of hospital administrators" is a common attitude of health care professionals towards DeVos. Another prevailing feeling is that her basic math skills are questionable, so should definitely never be given the chance to dose medications.[1][2]

DeVos is often heard saying the phrase "evidence shmevidence," not realizing that "shmevidence" is not a real word.[3][4][5]

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