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Yeahhhh, it's bicarbonate, baby! Or call it by it's sexier nickname: bicarb. Hey, bicarb, how you doin'? Bicarbonate is the stuff of miracles. Sure, it's a level you check that's part of the chemistry panel, but where it counts is that it's the stuff you can give in a Code Blue. Forget CPR, compressions, epinephrine, defibrillation... You know what really rescues these people? Bicarb and more bicarb.[1] It works in any scenario: metabolic acidosis, hyperkalemia, constipation, broken femur, you name it. When in doubt, push some bicarb. It is always the way to go.

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  1. ICU Team Figures Out What Their Code Needs: More Bicarb! (Gomerblog)

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