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"Boy oh boy, I can't wait to lie down!"

A hospital call room is a dark and scary place where on-call medical personnel may choose to sleep or have awkward romantic encounters.[1][2] Sleeping here requires courage as it is a slight downgrade from a prison cell.[3] Roughly 20% of medical personnel vanish per year in a call room. The linens were last changed in 1985 and won't be changed any time soon as it would disturb the habitat of bed bugs and lice. Though there is a phone and computer in the room, both have been shut off as a cost-cutting measure. Due to the lack of windows in a call room, it is always wise to pack a candle and some matches. If the call room causes full-blown depression, then it has succeeded in its purpose.[4]

Recent Events

  1. In the spring of 2014, the new 25-Hour Energy drink was released for use by health care professionals and slowly but surely call rooms are being converted into work rooms given that sleep is now obsolete.[5]

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  5. New Energy Drink, 25-Hour Energy, Marketed to Physicians, Allows Hospitals to Convert On-Call Rooms into Work Rooms (Gomerblog)

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