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A johnny (or johnnie) is a collarless gown that is fastened in the back and is worn by patients. Today johnnies are not limited to patients named John; in the past, however, johnnies used to be limited to male patients while debbies were limited to female patients. The johnny is optimized so that if a patient goes for a walk anyone can see his or her rear end in all its glory. Though quite simple to put on, physicians seem to be the only subgroup of medical providers who can never figure out how to put a johnny back on a patient. Lastly, a johnny is also known for its warmth. If asked to choose between a johnny or a warm blanket with soup in wintertime, patients would easily choose the warm blanket with soup.[1][2]

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  2. Book Review: Chicken Soup For the Bitter Angry Nurse’s Soul (Gomerblog)

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