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A disposable glove is a one-time use covering for the hand for protection against the cold (non-health care settings), yucky stuff (health care settings), or fastballs (baseball diamond). The disposable glove is made of a thin material like latex or condoms such as to provide an adequate barrier while maintaining manual dexterity for the unfortunate health care professional who might have to do something awful with gloved fingers.


There are many reasons to use disposable gloves:

  1. Potential contact with bodily fluids: blood, urine, tears, pus, semen, vaginal discharge, ocular discharge
  2. Potential contact with a wound
  3. Just not in the mood to perform surgery or vaginal exam barehanded
  4. Colleague grabbed three gloves, didn't want to throw the extra glove away, so gave it to you instead and you're being a good sport about it
  5. Your hands feel naked
  6. You learned your lesson after that time you performed a rectal without gloves, forgot to wash your hands, and ate your lunch without utensils
  7. To make funny blow-up animals because you forgot to provide the clown with balloons for your kid's birthday party

Gomerpedia Tip

If ever the scenario arises that in the attempt to grab two gloves you grab three, do not perform the despicable act of throwing the extra glove away like some kind of VIP or millionaire.[1][2] Be smart, be courteous, and simply put back the extra disposable glove in the box. Who knows, maybe even an administrator will see you perform this courageous act and bestow upon you the highest honor in the entire land: kudos.[3]

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