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Rogier van der Weyden's "The Admission" (1435)

"She'll probably cry."

"Nothing better for the nervous system. It does something, I forget what, to the glands."

- Excerpt from Chapter 3 of P.G. Wodehouse's "Stiff Upper Lip, Jeeves" (1962)

Crying is considered one of the time-honored pastimes in medicine. It is quite possible that crying in medicine refers to tears in joy. The occasions are few and far between: medical school graduation and surviving a black cloud call night. More often than not, however, crying refers to sorrow, sadness, and pain, hallmarks of the health care professional's experience.

Who Can Cry?

Everyone. In fact, a health care professional can only be considered as such when he or she has been taken to the brink and driven to tears. Crying, therefore, is a surrogate for another time-honored tradition celebrated in medicine: becoming jaded. Crying and its release of tears marks the slow transition away from being a human being into one of a jaded cog in a machine.[1] Though July interns are notorious for crying, they are not the only types of health care professionals to do so.[2][3] When a health care professionals stops crying, he or she will also stop experiencing other emotions: love, hate, happiness, sadness, etc. This is most certainly achieved within 3 years of finishing residency, to be shortly followed by one of the following: suing patients for pain and suffering, seeking hospice, or quitting the profession altogether.[4][5][6][7]

Where Can I Cry?

A great question. Thankfully, Gomerblog covered this topic: Tips: How to Improve Your Daily Cry at Work Due to Burnout.

Is it Okay to Make Other Health Care Professionals Cry?

Absolutely.[8] Pimping is another wonderful medical tradition. It is also known by the less popular term: hazing.

Is It Okay to Cry if I'm Getting Killed with Admissions?


Why Do Babies Cry?

The baby is either trying to say "I hate you," experiencing baby fibromyalgia, or getting ready for a career in medicine.[10][11][12]

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