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"Can't I sh*t in peace?! Stop paging me!!"

"I was on the toilet and from six flights down, in her communications bunker, the page operator scored a direct hit: DR. BASCH CALL EMERGENCY WARD FOR AN ADMISSION, DR. BASCH..." - The House of God

A hospital bathroom is one of the few places of refuge for overworked medical personnel; it is a wonderful place where one can cry, though ultimately you will be paged because it was some sort of magnetic vortex that attracts the paging gods[1] or get hammer paged.[2] After a good cry, the bathroom provides all the necessary elements to fix oneself up: a toilet into which one can vomit, toilet paper and paper towels to wipe away one's tears and mascara, and a sink with running water to mask the sounds of sobbing. If you see one of those Joint Commission signs though, be sure to take it down before leaving.

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