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A nurses station is just that: a station for nurses. Typically on each floor of a health care facility, there is a dedicated area where nurses can sit and perform work-related activities not involving direct patient care: charting, lots and lots of charting. BUT IT IS ONLY FOR NURSES. It's not a doctors station, so doctors aren't allowed. It's not a students station, so students aren't allowed. In fact, any trespassers will be shot with a Haldol blowdart and be left to the wolves.


The nurses station has been a site of controversy over the past few years when it comes to open beverages. Though three nurses died on October 11, 2014 as a result of open beverage containers at the nurses station[1], the Joint Commission created a loophole on January 9, 2016 allowing for the consumption of coffee as they felt the benefits of medical providers being somewhat conscious was beneficial.[2] As for food, everyone eats at the nurses station except for those few days when the Joint Commission visits.[3]

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