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Gomer City (also known as The City of Gomer, Placement City, or Pre-Heaven) is a sprawling metropolis distributed over 2,500 square miles with over 1 billion inhabitants housed in skyscrapers that double as nursing homes, assisted living facilities, rehabilitation centers (acute and subacute), and hospice units. The age of the average inhabitant in Gomer City is 85. Though everyone can vote once they reach 18 years of age, no one in Gomer City has voted in over three decades due to the lack of mental faculities to do so. The speed limit in Gomer City is 3 miles per hour (mph), and traffic is limited to ambulances, hospital beds, and UberGURNEYs. To be an official citizen of Gomer City, you must be altered, demented, have a UTI, and be a Full Code.

Other Fun Facts

  • Gomer City is the capital of Gomertopia
  • The official flag of Gomer City is a white pillow case[1]
  • The official motto of Gomer City is "GOMERS DON'T DIE"[2][3]
  • The official languages of Gomer City are Babble and Incoherence, with many being bilingual[4][5]
  • The official body fluids of Gomer City are drool, urine, and loose stool
  • The official activity of Gomer City is sundowning[6]
  • The official medications of Gomer City are Tylenol, Ativan, and Haldol[7][8]
  • The official ulcer of Gomer City is a stage 4 sacral decub[9]

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