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Pablo Picasso's "This Old Gomer," 1904

Gomer (or GOMER), as defined by The House of God[1]: "Get Out of My Emergency Room; 'a human being who has lost−often through age−what goes into being a human being... it's what you want to say when one's sent from the nursing home at three AM...' (the Fat Man)." Gomer refers to a male, while gomere refers to a female.

"But gomers are not just dear people," said Fats. "Gomers are human beings who have lost what goes into being human beings. They want to die, and we will not let them. We're cruel to the gomers, by saving them, and they're cruel to us, by fighting tooth and nail against our trying to save them. They hurt us, we hurt them."

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  1. Samuel Shem's The House of God, 1978

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