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John George Brown's "Sympathy"

Serving to alleviate a patient's feelings of worry or distress.

From Scrubs Season 1 Episode 9 "My Day Off"

PATIENT: Great and, Doctor, thank you so much.

ELLIOT: You're welcome. Hey we've gotten to know each other over the last week haven't we?

PATIENT: I'd say so.

ELLIOT: And as a doctor you found me comforting.

PATIENT: God no.

ELLIOT: Come on, I'm pretty good with people.

PATIENT: You're horrible with people.

ELLIOT: I'm warm.

PATIENT: You're very cold, I mean, your hands... it's like you're a yeti.

ELLIOT: I have bad circulation. I- I do this all day (Elliot opens and closes her hands repeatedly) and it doesn't help.

PATIENT: Listen, sweetie, you're a very efficient competent doctor but your exams: do you examine everyone like that or just people you feel have wronged you in some way?

ELLIOT: Well, I appreciate your opinion-

PATIENT: Oh no, it's not an opinion. You see those guys right there? (He gestures towards two other patients in the room.) They're just pretending to be asleep so you won't manhandle them anymore.

ONE OF THE GUYS PRETENDING TO BE ASLEEP: Dude, what are you doing?

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