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"If there was only a phrase to express my gratitute... Nope, can't think of it!"

"Thank you" is a polite expression that is never used in the health care setting. It is never expressed by a patient towards a health care provider or health care providers toward one another. In 1994, the Institute of Medicine (IOM) struck the phrase entirely from the medical lexicon due to its infrequent use. It has instead been replaced by the more frequently used phrase "patient satisfaction survey."[1][2]

Other Phrases

- Can I Run Something by You?

- Dead, dead, dead, dead...

- Thank You for the Interesting Consult

- True, True, Unrelated


  1. Patient Satisfaction Survey Study Halted, Mortality Increased 238% with Patient Satisfaction (Gomerblog)
  2. Hospital Administrator Delivers Clutch Performance During In-Flight Cardiac Arrest (Gomerblog)

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