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"Mmm mmm, I love healthy eating!"

Contrary to popular belief, the hot dog is a tube of seasonal fruits and vegetables. Its meatiness and brown color is merely a reflection of the "freshening process" that compresses these locally-sourced greens into a tube-like shape for portability. The hot dog bun, though it looks white, is actually made of 100% whole grain wheat even if other people tell you otherwise. The wheat, too, is seasonal.

The annual Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest every July 4th is a celebration of what it is to be fit and eat healthy, we swear. The only other American food healthier than the hot dog is the hamburger, which interestingly enough is simply a patty of fruits and vegetables, no matter what anybody else tells you. Texans may have something to say about that, as most believe beef is healthy enough to be classified as a fruit.[1]

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  1. Beef Rib Named Official State Fruit of Texas (Gomerblog)

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