I dropped my pager in the toilet, now what?

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This is a blessing in disguise. Hit flush.[1][2]

Other Questions

- Can you post a picture of the femur that is so big that I'll need to use the scrollbar to view it?

- How do I present at an M&M conference?

- If I get a tummy tuck, where will they tuck my tummy?

- If I tell my date about how histidine is converted to histamine by histidine decarboxylase, will I get laid?

- What is @ownyourcancer Yelling at Today?

- What is the differential diagnosis for red liquid in a canister?

- What is the hardest skill to master in Medicine?


  1. Video Tutorial: How to Return a Page
  2. So You Dropped Your Pager into the Toilet, What to Do Next

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