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Woman prepares to swallow medicine ball

A medicine ball (also known as a medicine ball or a ball of medicine) is medicine in the shape of a ball. Let's not overthink this one. So you know how medicine sometimes can come in the shape of a pill? Well, folks, guess what, medicine can come in the shape of a ball. And a huge ball too. Some medicine balls (also known as la palla medica in Italian) can weigh as much as 25 lbs, so you better get a huge tank of water ready to gulp down this behemoth. Though balls of medicine can be used for rehabilitation and strength training, they are best consumed daily after a large meal to avoid stomach irritation (see Medicine Ball-Induced Esophagitis).

Of note, medicine balls should not be halved or cut like pills; medicine balls will burst like a balloon. And we all know what happens when your balloon bursts: you cry.

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