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If something is "nothing to sneeze at," then it deserves some serious attention, so much so that you should start taking daily Zyrtec & Flonase.[1] Especially so if that something is a surgically-opened body cavity.


SURGEON 1 (pointing into a patient's bowels during the middle of an ex lap): Would you look at this small bowel obstruction? This is certainly nothing to sneeze at.

SURGEON 2 (unable to hold it in, begins sneezing into the open abdominal cavity): Ahhhhh-CHOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! (Sniffles, then wipes snot on sleeve.)

SURGEON 1 (miffed): Damn it! What did I just say?

SURGEON 2: Sorry, pollen's acting up.

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  1. Doctor Tries to Clear Up Traffic Congestion with Flonase (Gomerblog)

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