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Any one of these things can f**k up and cause dyspnea

Dyspnea (also known as shortness of breath, difficulty in breathing, or breathing difficulty) sucks. Let us elaborate.


According to the American Thoracic Society, dyspnea is a "subjective experience of breathing discomfort that is comprised of qualitatively distinct sensations that very in intensity." Wow, that's a mouthful. Saying that definition out loud definitely can cause dyspnea. Have an inhaler ready.


Well, the main symptom for dyspnea is dyspnea, sometimes shortness of breath, maybe even feeling a little winded too. Onset can be sudden or gradual, range from mild to severe, intermittent or nocturnal, and can be caused by anything from bad lungs (COPD exacerbation) to bad interns ("You gave the patient how much insulin?!?").


Oxygen saturation is the most helpful of the vital signs; respiratory rate, not so much, since it'll be documented as 16 breaths/min anyway. Physical exam has been replaced by radiology, but should you do a physical exam, it is helpful to see how many lungs the patient has. Stethoscopes are relics of the past, but should you find one, you can try to listen to some lung sounds. If you do so, we recommend absolutely crushing the lung exam.[1] (For a helpful guide on the lung exam, see Gomerblog's Physical Exam Tips: The Lung.) Clubbing is something that can only be picked up on a Friday or Saturday night. JVD may suggest the presence of JVP. Distant heart sounds suggest that you should move in a bit closer.

Common Causes in the General Population

  1. Asthma
  2. COPD
  3. Interstitial lung disease
  4. Cardiovascular such as congestive heart failure or acute coronary syndrome
  5. Obesity or deconditioning
  6. Anemia

Common Causes in Health Care Professionals

  1. Pulmonary embolism from the hours of immobility spent writing notes
  2. The threat of litigation
  3. Anti-vaxxers
  4. Exasperation over something a new intern did[2][3]
  5. Putting a foot in one's own mouth, particularly prevalent in the intern population[4]
  6. Taking the stairs instead of waiting for the elevator[5][6]


The best treatment starts in the emergency room and involves the simultaneous initiation of any treatment that can improve shortness of breath. Therefore, when a patient presents with dyspnea initiate each of the following:

  1. Supplemental oxygen
  2. BIPAP
  3. Endotracheal tube
  4. Albuterol
  5. Ipratropium
  6. Aspirin
  7. Statin
  8. Morphine
  9. Dilaudid
  10. High-dose steroids
  11. High-dose Lasix
  12. Heparin gtt
  13. Vancomycin
  14. Zosyn
  15. Tamiflu
  16. Micafungin

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