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"Say 'Cheese!!!'"

Ophthalmologists specialize in ophthos (or eyes, in layman terms). These surgical specialists are fond of words with an excessive number of consonants. They are found mostly in private practice and over the years have developed a pathological fear of inpatient medicine.[1] Ophthalmologists are also commonly referred to as "eye dentists."

Ophthalmology Interns

For graduating medical students embarking on a career in ophthalmology, one of the first steps in that direction, before ever seeing any patients, is mastering the spelling of the their field "ophthalmology." With so many O's and H's, no wonder ophthalmology interns work themselves into a tizzy, often locking themselves in their rooms, call rooms, or libraries with stacks of paper, practicing how to spell the word over and over again.[2] For those in other subspecialties looking in from the outside, watching these ophthalmology interns nearly self-destruct is heartbreaking.

Ophthalmology Notes

Ophthalmology progress notes were indecipherable up until June of 2015 when archaeologists discovered a piece of the Rosetta Stone that contained a primer to their unusual language. Only in the past few months have scientists uncovered their true meaning.[3]

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