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Keep pressing all you want, the lockout interval is 180 minutes

Considered one of the Seven Wonders of the Medical World alongside such great inventions as the Ativan Diffuser and Haldol Blowdart, the patient-controlled call light (or PCCL) is an innovation driven, first and foremost, by nurses pushed to the brink of insanity by regular call lights. By giving nurses control over several functions, the most important of which is the lockout interval, abuse of the call light should be curbed as PCCLs become gradually implemented in hospitals nationwide.[1]


  • Loading dose - Used in patient-controlled analgesia, but has no role in PCCLs.
  • Bolus dose - Also has no role in PCCLs.
  • Basal dose - Also has no role in PCCLs.
  • Lockout interval - Okay, here we go, here's the magic. This is the time period during which patient demands not requested despite repeated pressing of the call light. The lockout interval can range anywhere on a PCCL from 4 minutes to 8 hours.


All patients, especially those who might be troublemakers.

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  1. American Nurses Association Approves Call Lights with Lockout Intervals (Gomerblog)

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