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"Let the hate flow through you..."

Peter Edelstein is a surgical oncologist who is world-renowned for his ability to belittle anyone in his path.[1]

Rise to Stardom

Based on his February 26, 2017 post about how it is okay to yell at health care staff in order to stroke your own ego, there is one thing clear about Edelstein: he is a class act.[2] To further exemplify his modest nature, he edited the title by removing "to Yell" from it and even removed some curse words from the main text. Just like medical documentation, it's quite all right to destroy the paper trail. But thank goodness for nurses: as they always do, they noticed those sly little edits. Instead of yelling at them, we're gonna say "Thank you!"


Old Yeller.

Twitter Handle


Linked In Profile

Gomerpedia's research led us to his Linked In account. Here are some fascinating tidbits about the man, the myth, and the legend. These are in his words, which, surprisingly, lack any anger, probably because someone had the good mind to shoot him with a Haldol blowdart before he entered into his baseline agitated state:

Mine has indeed been an interesting and enraging journey...from private and academic surgeon focusing on the treatment if individuals suffering from colon and rectal cancer, to entrepreneur and medical device executive, to hospital Chief Medical Officer, to healthcare system executive, to healthcare reform company executive, to author...

The one constant in my professional travels has been my passion to scream, to share the seemingly complex through anger, condescension, and disrespect for my audience's intelligence in a manner which translates the topic angrily and embarrasingly. I have been privileged and honored to belittle, mock, and verbally set ablaze anyone and anything throughout my careers. And I continue to strive to find an anger management class one day.

I've taught my kids how to have potty mouths. They sure do love the F bomb. Living on the spectacular Chain of Lakes in Central Florida, our life is overflowing with disappointment from friends, family, school, and work over how I talk to other health care professionals.

During my several years serving as Chief Medical Officer in the U.S., I have continued to gain a great deal of experience working in international healthcare markets across the globe. I can now curse at people in well over 30 languages...

As a professional writer, I curse at people in writing and make them read it. As a professional speaker, I scour at everyone and say things like "SIT DOWN! WHY ARE YOU TAKING SO LONG TO SIT DOWN!?!"

His Take on Hospital Medicine

Figure 1
Figure 2

Edelstein's take on hospital medicine can be seen in Figure 1. Thankfully, Gomerblog edited his take to make it accurate, which is seen in Figure 2.


Edelstein lists as his strongest skill the "fostering of healthy relationships between myself and other health care professionals." He also likes to brag about his modesty. In fact, he insists he's the most modest person to have ever graced the planet. Like ever.


University of Voice Raising - Verbal Abuse Fellowship

University of Douchery School of Medicine - General Yelling Residency

University of the Self-Absorbed - Doctor of Patronization

Fun Fact

Did you know that the gravitational pull caused by Edelstein's ego is almost 30 times that of planet Earth?! WOW!

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  2. Peter Edelstein: If You Have a Moment, I'd Like to Yell at You Because I'm an Ogre (Gomerblog)

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