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Such unadulterated evil

The evil eye is one of the rare diagnoses that makes an ophthalmologist cringe.

Symptoms & Signs

Interestingly enough, the person with the evil eye is asymptomatic from an ophthalmologic point of view, though they are angry or fuming for some reason. The person who is being looked upon with the evil eye, however, is gripped with anxiety and fear that the malevolent glare will bestow evil upon them. Signs reflect this. The person with the evil eye may have a normal or abnormal eye exam, but will have a facial expression mimicking resting bitch face.[1][2] As for the person receiving the evil eye, the diagnosis is confirmed if he or she feels the glare creates an inner feeling of imminent doom.


First-line treatment for the evil eye is an apology. Second-line treatment is to poke the person's eyes out and run.

Other Reading on the Eye


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  2. Resting Bitch Face Underdiagnosed in Health Care Providers (Gomerblog)

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