Tincture of Dilaudid

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Doesn't exist. No patient ever wants just a slight trace of Dilaudid (Hydromorphone).[1][2][3][4][5][6]


  1. Local Hospital Has New Policy: Ask for Dilaudid, Get Dilaudid, No Questions Asked
  2. Patients Love New Turkey Sandwich with Dilaudid & Benadryl: The Turlaudidryl Special
  3. Three Wise Monkeys Support CDC Opioid Guidelines: “See No Dilaudid, Hear No Dilaudid, Speak...
  4. Allergy-Sniffing Dog Weeds Out Dilaudid-Seeking Liars
  5. Investigation Reveals Dilaudid Manufactured From Unicorn Tears
  6. Hospital Enacts New BYOD Policy: Bring Your Own Dilaudid

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