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A unicorn is an animal that resembles a horse but, unlike a horse, has a single straight horn emanating from its forehead, which grows every time it tells a lie.

Unicorns in Medicine

Unicorns played no role in medical care until 1987 when the pharmaceutical company Pharmagen captured a unicorn and through millions of dollars invested into R&D (research & development) were able to develop the potent narcotic medication Dilaudid (hydromorphone) from unicorn tears. By keeping unicorns in pharmaceutical captivity, this led to unicorn "despair and hopelessness," which meant more tears and, more importantly, more Dilaudid. [1]

Thanks in part to Dilaudid, unicorns have garnered an increasing role in modern medicine. As an example of this, the American Board of Internal Medicine began testing more unicorns and less zebras with upcoming iterations of their board exam.[2]

Unicorns in Pop Culture

In the spring of 2017, Starbucks was inspired by unicorns and the opioid epidemic to create a limited edition of unicorn frappuccinos, with the purpose of fueling another epidemic: fostering unhealthy caloric intake by masking it in colorful packing that appeals to young children.[3]

Gomerpedia Advice

Don't play leapfrog with a unicorn.

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