Why do Vaseline and baseline not rhyme?

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For any serious health care professional, it's a thought that comes across your mind at least once a day: Why do Vaseline and baseline not rhyme? How is possible that the capital V and lowercase B confer such differential pronunciations? Suppose you're a medical rapper like ZDoggMD and had a killer verse that had to deal with a hospitalized patient who has returned back to normal and was dependent on petroleum jelly? The premise sounds amazing, but guess what? Vaseline and baseline don't rhyme; not even Eminem and his lyrical-bending skills could make it happen. The English language isn't perfect by any means, and it's riddled with inconsistencies, but this is one of the most glaring. Remove the "V" and "b," can you tell them apart? _aseline and _aseline? If you toss and turn in your sleep over this, you're not alone. You're most definitely not alone.

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