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"Ohhh, I know, I know!!! It's DNR, right? Or DNI? Darn it!"

Charades is a game in which health care professionals, patients, and families discuss the very difficult topic of code status through a series of pantomimed clues.


Though there is wide variation in charades during family meeting, there are some common features:

  1. Players are divided into two or more teams (usually the medical team versus the patient/family)
  2. Scraps of paper are used to write the answers to be performed, such as "code status" or "DNR")
  3. No silent mouthing of words allowed
  4. No death rattles allowed
  5. Pantomiming is used to get teammates to guess the right answer, which is often hospice
  6. Everyone gets one turn
  7. If the patient codes, then his or her turn is forfeited
  8. A timer is used to ensure that other health care professionals, patients, and families can play
  9. If patient goes to hospice, the all teams win

Useful SIgnals

  1. Number of fingers held up indicates number of milligrams of Dilaudid (Hydromorphone)
  2. Tugging at earlobe means either "otitis media"
  3. Pointing at eye means "I" or "remember your yearly eye exam"

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