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Duct tape is a cloth- or scrim-backed adhesive tape.


Because duct tape is significantly stronger than medical tape, the list of indications for using duct tape is considerably longer:

  1. Secure a pesky July intern to the ceiling
  2. Close an incision or wound when staples or sutures are not available
  3. Repair ACLs[1]
  4. Render a talkative patient or medical student speechless
  5. Secure endotracheal tube for the duration of a Whipple procedure
  6. Secure external fixation devices that cannot be externally-fixated themselves
  7. Secure flimsy peripheral IVs such that they stay in place for the next 60 hospitalizations
  8. Secure an agitated patient to their bed when sitters, Haldol, or restraints are not available
  9. Temporarily hold together someone's mind that is blown

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  1. Orthopedic Surgeon Arrested for Using Duct Tape to Repair ACLs (Gomerblog)

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