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The fullest code possible trumps a standard Full Code and provides the patient with interrupted care long after the death. Whereas hospice focuses on quality of life, the fullest code possible focuses on the quantity of futile interventions.[1]


There are several components to the fullest code possible:

  1. it occurs infinitely;
  2. all health care professionals within a 25-mile radius and involved until exhausted and in rhabdo[2];
  3. all medications within the hospital pharmacy are consumed, especially bicarb;
  4. shocks are continued until the city's energy grid is fully depleted;
  5. ECMO is implemented;
  6. dialysis is implemented; and
  7. the kitchen sink has been thrown.[3]


  1. Patient to be “Fullest Code Possible”
  2. Forrest Gump Still in Rhabdo 30 Years After Epic Cross-Country Run
  3. ICU Throws in Kitchen Sink to Save Patient

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