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Google is an American technology company that is on pace to replace medical education as the primary source of training for young health care professionals.


Google has several web and smartphone-based mapping technologies:

  1. Google Maps to help red blood cells get from point A to point B in the human body.
  2. Google Gene Maps to help with gene sequencing.
  3. Google MAP to help calculate mean arterial pressure.

Other Technology

Considering modern health care is still using archaic devices like stethoscopes and pagers, Google thought it a no-brainer to throw its hat into the ring:

  1. On April 4, 2015, Google announced an attachment to Google Glass called Maling-o-vision, which would enable health care professionals to see whether or not a patient's claimed medication allergies were true.[1]
  2. On June 9, 2015, frustrated health care professionals hoped and prayed that Google was working on an electronic medical record.[2]
  3. In July 2016, Google started rolling out self-driving colonoscopes, which in conjunction with Google Maps, aims to have "everyone's colon mapped by 2019."[3]

Recent Events

  1. On October 8, 2013, a study published in the renowned peer-reviewed journal Barney and Friends revealed that fourth graders with Google access diagnosed and treated patients better than new medical student graduates.[4]
  2. On August 13, 2015, Google opened its first hospital, Google Medical Center, with the purpose of helping "patients who disagree with their regular doctor's clinical diagnoses" and "pursue the diagnosis they have Googled on the internet, no questions asked."[5] Thanks to Google Medical Center costs through unnecessary testing and antibiotics have soared to record new levels, ensuring that the medical system, along with a healthy dose of burnout in health care professionals, implodes into a fiery mess.
  3. On October 7, 2015, Gomerblog reported that God's miracles had reached an all-time low in part due to His reliance on Google.[6]
  4. On September 15, 2016, Google continued to makes its impression on health care felt when it won the right to prescribe medications, effectively cutting out the middle man known as physicians.[7]

DId You Know?

  1. Did you know what were the top medical Google searches of 2015? If not, read Gomerblog's expose. [8]
  2. Did you know United States Secretary of Education Betty DeVos plans on teaming up with Google to create millions upon millions of charter Google schools of medicine and nursing?

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