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The abomination known as the selfie stick is a long rod on which a smartphone may be mounted, thus allowing the person holding the selfie stick to take a selfie from a wider angle. Thanks to its creation, trauma surgeons are that much busier as people ignore common sense, cliffs, and other unsafe settings to achieve the perfect picture.

Are Selfie Sticks Used in Healthcare?

Yes. An app called iNside Pics, which is paired with a selfie stick, allows patients to convert their smartphone into a portable X-ray machine.[1]

What is the Best Way to Use a Selfie Stick?

Refer to The Oatmeal's "How to Use a Selfie Stick" for the best advice regarding on how one should use a selfie stick.

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  1. New Smartphone App + “Selfie Stick” Allows Patients to Take Own X-Rays at Home (Gomerblog)

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