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The Hospitalist is the official publication for the Society of Hospital Medicine, reporting on issues and trends in hospital or placement medicine as it relates to placement.[1] The Hospitalist reaches more than 35,000 hospitalists and other health care professionals interested in the practice and business of placement.[2][3]

Where Can I Place Patients?

- Acute Rehabilitation

- The Arctic Circle

- Does my hospitalist have a name or do I just call him or her "hospitalist"?

- Hospice

- The Moon

- Nursing Home

- Skilled Nursing Facility

- Subacute Rehabilitation

What is the Treatment of Placement Exacerbation

More placement.[4]

Other Reading

- 7on/7off

- According to the Literature

- Amion

- Are there any strategies to prevent physician burnout?

- Beeper

- New England Journal of Medicine

- UpToDate

- What happens if a hospitalist can't place a patient?


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