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The aorta is a large tube connecting the mouth and the pubes, though it's unclear if it has any real significance, like the appendix.

Structure of the Aorta

There are many different terms to describe the different areas of the aorta, which can be confusing.

Thoracic aorta - Runs from the mouth to the diaphragm.

Abdominal aorta - Runs from the diaphragm to the male or female genitals.

Ascending aorta - Increases in importance and size as it treks north.

Aortic arch - Like the Arc de Triomphe, the aortic arch is a monument but dedicated to the first aorta.[1]

Descending aorta - Decrease in importance and size, narrowly avoiding the depths of hell.

Condescending aorta - The least liked part of the aorta due to its patronizing superiority complex.

Transcending aorta - The part of the aorta that goes beyond its physical limits.

Function of the Aorta


Can the Aorta Be Reached on ABG?

Yes, if the ABG is mounted on a javelin.[2]

Can the Aorta Be Reached on Colonoscopy?

Yes, although that should never be the goal.[3]

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