Genital Warthogs

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Genital warthogs is a sexually-transmitted infection.


Worse than genital warts, genital warthogs is when large warthogs grow in the genital and anal regions. It is one of the most uncomfortable sexually-transmitted infections as the warthogs may possibly bite off your genitals.


Positive warthog sign. Negative hyena reflex.


Warthog papillomavirus (WPV).

Risk Factors

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has uncovered the following risk factors for acquiring genital warthogs:

  1. Unprotected sex with multiple partners
  2. Unprotected sex with multiple warthogs
  3. You are a warthog


  1. Train a lion to kill the warthog.
  2. Survive the attack.[1]


  1. Endangered VA System Named 60th U.S. National Park

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