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In real life, a pillow is (usually) a rectangular cloth stuffed with soft materials like feathers or gauze, used to support the head when lying down, napping, or sleeping. In a health care system, a pillow is a cheap, dirty, bed bug-infested, white, rectangular cloth stuffed with hard materials like granite or lead, used to misshapen the noggin of a patient or unsuspecting health care professional when he or she is blessed with a moment to lie down. That being said, patients' pillows are without question more comfortable than pillows found in call rooms, which are becoming more and more reminiscent of ancient torture chambers.[1][2]

Pillows and Interns

Every once in a while, you will run into a gunner intern who is so on top of things that when asked if he or she examined the patient's pillow as the cause of a patient's neck pain, the intern doesn't skip a beat and shines because yes, he or she mashed and ausculated and palpated that pillow so until the pillow cried "Uncle."[3]

Additional Reading


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