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"Are you sure she's napping?! She looks awfully cyanotic..."

Other than coffee, a power nap is the only possible way a health care provider can survive. In fact, the power nap (or nap for short) is required daily of residents and interns per the ACGME.[1][2]

Places to Take a Nap

One of the true joys of taking a power nap is that it leaves room for creativity in terms of where you can nap. The obvious places would be the call room or office. Other more creative places include the bed of a patient recently deceased, the bed of a patient with the patient still in it, the roof of the hospital, in a random hallway, in a broken elevator, or the top of a conference room table (understanding the risk that you can fall off either side and wake up abruptly). Another effective place to take a power nap is during morning report or noon conference.

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