The Tortoise & The Pain-in-the-Ass Chief of Medicine That Everybody Hates

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A children's fable that Dr. Perry Cox is particularly fond of.

From Scrubs Season 2, Episode 1 "My Overkill"

Dr. COX: You know, Bob, I've been thinking about all the times that you've manipulated me and toyed with me, and, well, I can't help but recall that children's fable about the race between the tortoise and the pain-in-the-ass chief of medicine that everybody hates. (Dr. Kelso's expression remains blank as he walks toward the nearby elevator.) You see, Bob, the pain-in-the-ass chief of medicine that everybody hates kept running out in front of the tortoise and taunting him; but right at the end - gosh, I'm sure you remember what happened, Bob -- the tortoise bit clean-through the chief of medicine's calf muscle, dragged him to the ground, where he and all the other turtles devoured him alive, right there on the racetrack. It's a... disturbing children's book, Bob, I know, but it's one that stuck with me, nonetheless.

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