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A donut is a small fried bundle of joy that turns defeated health care professionals into excited little children.[1][2]

Scene from Scrubs, Season 2, Episode 2, My Nightingale

J.D.'S THOUGHTS (In a patient's room, that of a short-of-breath police officer.): There's nothing like that feeling of really taking charge of a situation.

DR. COX (to J.D. & Elliot): Mary. Rhoda. Chart, please. What'd I stutter? Gimme the chart. Atta girl. Ew. Man. I don't like his O2 sat. Grab me a donut, will ya?

ELLIOT: Oh, you mean like a, um, a blood-pressure thingie?

DR. COX: I mean like a glazed thingie. And I like sprinkles on half of it; so if you can't find a half sprinkled, get me all sprinkles and just go ahead and pick half of 'em off.

J.D.: You know that was kind of demeaning.

DR. COX: You know, you're right. Would you do me a favor and apologize to her while you get me some coffee. And please be quick, otherwise I'm just gonna have the manager send over a different waitress. Go. You're done now. Yeah.

Other Healthy Foods

- Chipotle Mexican Grill

- Cinnabon

- Double Portions

- Hot Dog

- McDonald's

- Nashville Hot Chicken

- Trendelenburger


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  2. Affordable Care Act to Close Donut Hole with Delicious Strawberry Filling (Gomerblog)

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