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If you smell evil but can't spot Satan or the Grim Reaper, then the most likely source is someone infected with C. diff.

Risk Factors

Brown-nosing (Gomerblog) or gunnerhea.

Symptoms & Signs

Patients typically present with abdominal cramping and profuse diarrhea. It is not uncommon for them to feel so sick they ask you, "Is it possible for me to sh*t my brains out?"


C. diff may have a distinctive smell and taste, but the gold standard for diagnosis is a stool C. diff toxin. In the event the patient has an atypical presentation with productive sputum, a sputum C. diff toxin can be sent.


Flagyl and probiotics. As for health care professionals, don't forget your gown.[1][2][3] Though handwashing with soap and water is ideal, blowing off your hands entirely with state-of-the-art hand dryers is another great alternative.

Gomerpedia Advice

If someone asks if you'd like to taste their C. diff, respectfully decline. Trust us.

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