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Alanis Morissette's Jagged Little Pill was released in 1995, and remains the most important album as it relates to bitter angst about misshaped medications.[1]

Track Listing

  1. All I Really Want Is Dilaudid (Hydromorphone)
  2. You SBO
  3. Perforation
  4. Hand in My White Coat Pocket
  5. Right Through You (A Song About GoLYTELY)
  6. Dryheavin'
  7. You Burn (UTI)
  8. GYN Over Peds
  9. Mary Jane
  10. Bubonic
  11. Not the Doctor
  12. Throw Up
  13. You SBO


  1. Report: Patient Taking a Few Blue Pills, Two Pink Ones Here and There, & Some White Ones (Gomerblog)

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