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Prior authorization is a process that prevents medical care, with an average turnaround time of eternity.[1][2] It is as painful as drinking pure capsaicin. For that reason, no health care provider ever does it. Official scorecard: insurers 1, health care practitioners 0, patients 0.

How to Fill Out a Prior Auth Form

  1. Fill out form
  2. Fold it into a paper airplane[3]
  3. Throw it as far as you can
  4. Quit medicine to become a pilot[4][5]

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  1. Prior Authorization Now Requires Prior Authorization
  2. Study: Average Wait Time for Prior Authorization is Eternity
  3. Stack of Paperwork Transforms into Fleet of Paper Planes
  4. Radiologist Responds to In-Flight Emergency, Hedges, Asks Pilot to Clinically Correlate
  5. Pilot Consults Medicine, Asks if Plane Cleared for Landing

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